Dog Shampoo Bearing Tick and Flea 150ml

  • 150ml net weight
  • Specially formulated for dogs
  • Kills ticks and fleas
  • Has long-lasting scent
  • Prevents parasites
  • Keeps dogs refreshed
  • Removes fleas and ticks with regular use
  • Ideal for puppy 3 months and above


  1. Mix one bottle cap of Bearing with 1.5L of water (~1.5 L water)
  2. Then spread onto the dog's body and fur, avoiding nose and eye areas.
  3. Leave for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water
  4. Wear a glove while treating your dog

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Take care of your dog’s coat thru regular washing. But more than that, your pet also needs protection from ticks and other Be sure that your dog shampoo works to keep away these undesired organisms from your dog’s skin. Otherwise, skin problems will most likely to occur.

Always read the ingredients of the dog shampoo you’re getting to be sure of its effects on your pet. The more herbal ingredients it contains, the better it is. Some of our dog shampoos available can even smoothen your dog’s coat, make him smell good all day, and make sure that he is full of life. A good dog bath can certainly do so much!

Natural Dog Shampoos

Organic products are also good for the environment. This suggests that every ingredient it has is biodegradable, including its packaging. Because we fully care for Mother Nature here at WhmZ Pet Shop, we could assure you that the dog shampoo you will see here is exactly that.

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