Adjustable Harness Vest Camouflage & Flag

  • Made of 100 percent nylon material
  • Adjustable strap
  • D-ring to connect with lead leash
  • Fit for medium to large sized dog
  • Camouflage Flag

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Dog Harnesses

Are you in need of a tough yet comfy dog harness for your furry friend? Big and small dogs require harnesses to allow them moto ve about without you losing total control of them. Unless your pet is trained to go off-leash, you’re going to need these functional devices for those long and leisure walks daily.

Adjustable harnesses will work great with your dog. Fit them tightly around the body, place the leash, and off you go. Harnesses are better than collars because you won’t be tugging the dog’s head but the pet’s body. That’s not as painful for them.

Made of nylon, this special dog harness is certainly strong and sturdy. It could sustain dogs of ten kilograms or lower. It would fit large breed dogs like German Shepherds, Labradors, and Siberian Huskies. And it can fit medium-sized dogs such as Pitbulls, Bulldogs, or similar breeds.

Your Type of Dog Harnesses

Choose the hue that would suit your pet the best. The choices for shades of this product make it ideal for pets which love to dress-up. This harness can very well pass off as your dog’s accessory for the day. Or if you want your pet to wear a shirt under it, you can very well do. The dog harness comes in a vest-type construction and comes with a D-ring feature where the leash can easily be clipped on. It also has a handle for easy handling your dog if you ever come across aggressive situations.

A sturdy harness is a must for tough dogs. Buy one for your dog to give it the comfort that it deserves. Your everyday walks are guaranteed to be more fun and less of a hassle. If you haven’t tried using a harness yet, then now is the perfect time. Throw away his good old collar and see how well this adjustable dog harness would work for him. It would give you higher control with no worry of pulling and tugging. If your dog is strong, then your dog accessories should be stronger. This dog harness is the perfect buy for dog lovers who are looking for the best deals in online pet stores. WhmZ Online Pet Store has you covered.


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