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How Dogs Can Help Disabled People

Simply because you’re facing a certain health condition you can’t have a dog in your home. As a matter of fact, research shows that taking care of a pet, especially a dog, will benefit you. There are some things that a dog can make your everyday living a lot easier. Disabled people with dogs tend to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

If ever you need assistance in giving your pet some medicine, shots, or fluids, just ask your vet if he or she knows of somebody who can make home visits. Or you may contact local pet stores or other pet owners to find someone who can help you. Most pet owners are trained to do these things. They’ll be most willing to help other pet owners who cannot do certain tasks themselves.

If you want to play with your dog and you’re confined to a wheelchair, you may use flashlights or laser pointers instead. Dogs simply love to chase lights, and you don’t have to move at all.  You may also use a remote control car and have him chase it.  That way, your dog gets the exercise while you just sit there and get entertained. You do not have to get over-exhausted when playing with your dog.

In case you have difficulty doing some daily living functions for yourself, do you know that there are service dogs that can help you? These dogs are trained to help certain people who have physical limitations in doing everyday activities. Today, the roles of these dogs are crucial and they’re welcome in public places. Think of the guide dogs for the blind and the hearing dogs for the deaf. But now, dogs can do more than just those.

Here’s a tip to make feeding your pet easier if you’re a little challenged yourself. Try to divide large bags of dog food into small containers.  This way, you don’t have to bend over the dog bowl all the time. Simply feed your dog from these containers and reuse them as necessary.

Tips for Disabled People with Dogs

Some dogs are intelligent enough for off-leash trained. If you spend some time your dog, he’ll be less of a hassle. Potty training may be difficult at first but once your dog gets everything going, you never have to worry too much about it. There are hacks for disabled people with dogs so things become a whole lot easier for you.

Anytime you need assistance, remember that there’s always somebody willing to help. You can always elect a friend or a family member to serve as your pet sitter whenever you need their services. For just a small amount, you can ask them to bathe your dog and give it a good walk around the neighborhood if you can’t do that yourself. As you can see, having a disability doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy the companionship of a dog.  As a matter of fact, it is the time that you most need a pet the most. It may take some time and a little adjusting, but in the end, both of you will be happy. Disabled people with dogs live more fruitfully and happily.