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Pet Travel and Taking Holidays with your Best Buddy

Taking your four-legged friend everywhere you go is a treat. But what if you’re flying halfway across the globe? Is it still worth taking your pet with you?  If you can’t consider pet travel, will you be able to find someone to watch over him while you’re away?  Should you take him to a kennel? These are just a few things you should think about when making travel plans with your pet. And here’s what we suggest you do:

Pet Travel Made Easy

1. Prepare for the trip by finding a hotel that allows pets.

2. If you’re flying out of the country, make sure that all your puppy’s vaccinations are current. Ask your vet if your dog is ready for the rigors of pet travel.

3. Pack up all the supplies that your pet needs during the travel. You’ll need his bowls, leashes, toys, and medicines if any. You might have to bring his crate as well so he doesn’t forget his training by being able to run free.

4. Bring some food and water as well and don’t feed him for at least three hours before traveling. Traveling may cause an upset stomach. Just feed your pet when you get the destination and then take him outside right after.

5. If traveling by plane, take the off-peak hours.

Go for nonstop trips or get the one with the fewest stops. Sometimes, pets are allowed on the plane if the carrier fits under the seat. Know this for sure before booking tickets. Otherwise, put a “Live Animal” sticker on the carrier and make sure that the crew knows that you have a pet on board.

6. Before leaving for the airport, take your pet for a long stroll.

Doing so will prepare him for the journey. Know beforehand if he has to be quarantined, as this is true in many foreign locations.

With ample planning, your pet can accompany you on your vacations. To learn more about pet travel, be sure to ask your travel agent about all the restrictions you have to know. For travel suggestions, check out or